Bowery Inn Policies


1. Risk/Liability

Risk/Liability. By renting this property, you are assuming all risks and liabilities for any damage done to person or property, agents, employees, or visitors occasioned by the present or future condition of the premises, both latent and manifest. We will not be responsible for accidents or injuries to guests or loss of money or valuables of any kind. We strongly recommend you insure yourself, every member of your party, your luggage and your party’s luggage, cash, valuables, etc. by a comprehensive travel insurance.

2. Payments

Your payment is due upon booking. Non-­payment of rent is considered a cancellation and subject to cancellation policy. We accept credit cards and e-checks through Homeaway/VRBO’s online payment processing system.

3. Breakdowns

The Inn is newly renovated and in good condition, however we do not explicitly guarantee heat/ac units, furnishings or appliances. We will absolutely do our best to make repairs as soon as possible after being notified of the problem. No refund or rate adjustment will be made for breakdowns.

4. Please call to report any problems immediately. (912) 660­-6795 or (850) 570­-3113

5. Locked Out/ Code Lock Not Working

If you become locked out of the unit, call (912) 660-­6795 or (850) 570-­3113. No refund or rate adjustment will be made for locking yourself out.

6. Linen Care

Linens are furnished and are not permitted to be removed from the Inn. We ask that you please remind all of your guests not to remove makeup or wipe up large stains, shine shoes etc with our white towels. We provide makeup wipes as well as black makeup washcloths and ask that you use them. No linens will be exchanged during your stay but if you require more frequent or additional linen changes it will be possible to organize in advance at extra charges.

7. Maximum Guests

The total number occupying the property cannot exceed 2 per room except for “Queen of the Night” which can accommodate 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 small children.

8. Smoking

The property is non-­smoking. Evidence of smoking in the houses will cause forfeiture of the entire payment and immediate eviction. No smoking on decks or balconies. Thanks!

9. Parties

This Inn has a common area to be shared with all guests. No parties or large amount of visitors are allowed. Respect the quiet times in the common area and decks between 10PM ­and 8AM. Violation of this rule will cause forfeiture of the entire rent and immediate tenant eviction.

10. Age Minimums

Generally, we do not rent to groups of young people under the age of 25. No sororities, fraternities, school, or civic groups are allowed.

11. Property Care

We reserve the right to keep deposits and/or rental payment, refuse a rental, apply charges, and discontinue occupancy if the terms of agreement are not met or if (in our judgment) your occupancy of the unit is detrimental to the property. The property may not be used for any unlawful purpose.

12. Washer and Dryer

There is a washer and dryer in the laundry room at the top of the stairwell. Renters can use the machines between the hours of 4PM and ­10PM. For health and allergy reasons, we do not provide detergent for washing machine.

13. Entry

We reserve the right to enter the premises at any time for the purpose of inspection, repair, or management.

14. Changes/Cancellations

If you cancel or change occupancy dates on a house, prior notice must be given as follows: 60 days (100% refund); 30 days (50% refund). Failure to give proper notice will result in forfeiture of rent, unless the unit is re-­booked for the same rental period. Note: During the Seafood Festival no refunds will be given unless the house is re­booked. Fees will apply to changes and cancellations.

Cancellation or Early Departure: There are NO REFUNDS for cancellation or early departures except as provided herein:  If a Guest requests a cancellation for an early departure we will make a our best effort to re-rent the property but there are no guarantees.  If we are able to successfully re-rent the reserved period, we will refund the remaining rental payment less a $100 servicing fee. Renter assumes responsibility for acquiring or not acquiring Trip Cancellation Insurance. Trip cancellation insurance is purchased through a third party of your choosing. Policies vary company to company and can cover for weather, illness, accidents, death, required to work etc. depending on the amount of coverage you choose.

15. Damages

You will be charged for any damages over normal wear and tear. Unpaid damages will be reported to the credit reporting agencies.

16. Check In/Out

Check in time is 3:00 pm or later; Check out time is 11:00 am or earlier. Please respect the check-­in & check-­out times. Thank you!